Our ultimate purpose is to inspire you to live your best life & do it consciously.

SALTY LUXE was born from our love of the world.
That feeling you have when you’re completely free; 
A desire to bring genuine good into the world;
... & the endless search for paradise.
But life wasn’t always this way.

After a life changing event, the way we viewed the world was altered forever. We committed to never taking a single day for granted & to always find the beauty, even in the small things. It changed our lives from the grind of 9-5 & quickly sent us spinning into our journey of full time Creators. We’re committed to GREAT content & we specialise in film & photography production. Our soulful storytelling is our point of difference & we throw ourselves into every opportunity, guns blazing. We’ve slept in shacks in the most remote islands of French Polynesia, hiked the Inca Trail, found endless beauty in the souks of Fez, lived our #vanlife dreams across Australia & the USA & lived with a hill tribe deep in the Burmese jungle. And we’ve only scraped the surface.

The rest of our story can be found through the words of our Blog & via our day to day life, shared on Instagram. We have lots in the pipeline & we can’t wait to share more with you soon. Nothing would make us happier than for you to leave here feeling a little lighter, reenergised & joyful.  Stay salty & happy! Sez & Chesh Xxx