February 14, 2019

BAWAH RESERVE: An Untouched Paradise

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I have had my eye on this little beauty for the last few years. It’s fairly off the radar; I saw it by chance at the time (maybe somewhere in the abyss of Pinterest?) & I just fell in love with it! It felt so familiar, with all the tropical feels I live for, but without the crowds, it was untouched & even years later, it had not become a tourist mega-hotspot.

Bawah Reserve is home to 6 islands, 3 lagoons & 13 beaches. The water is pristine. I’m talking glassy, azure deliciousness that has to be seen to be believed.

The Reserve is nestled in a marine conservation area which is home to endless underwater species, including turtles, reef shark & colourful fishies (we also saw lots of beautiful bright blue starfish too!). And, in my absolute joy, the property is doing so much in the way of protecting their stunning home, through sustainability efforts like solar power, providing guests with natural products (like 100% natural mosquito repellent made by disadvantaged local womens groups + reef friendly sunscreen!) and regenerating the local reef. They are also giving back to local communities of the surrounding islands – they support local line fisherman by purchasing all their fresh fish for the restaurant & offer them safe harbour in their lagoon! I swoon over all of this!

Finally, I’ll leave you with this… this is the only resort in Indonesia which offers the true meaning of all-inclusive luxury, by being the only retreat in Asia to include all spa treatments (a massage a day keeps the Dr. away?).

I know… sign me up!

Getting There:

The Reserve is 160 nautical miles or 1 hr 20 mins by seaplane. You’ll land in Singapore, catch a short ferry to Indonesia & fly out from there. The transit is really simple & when arriving into Singapore in the morning, you’ll be sipping on a fresh coconut by lunch!

Because the resort is all inclusive, your flight from Singapore is included in your stay too! Goals.


When To Go:

We visited in January & it was beautiful, super warm with a little drizzle here & there! We were told this is the common weather pattern & guests should expect mostly sunny days with tropical rain year round. YES THANKS! FYI because it literally sits by itself in the middle of the ocean, it doesn’t experience the same distinct seasons as say Singapore or Indonesia #islandlife.

Some of our fav moments from the trip…


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