Travel is more than just visiting a beautiful place, taking a selfie & leaving. In order to have meaningful experiences, you must invite travel to seep into your bones, blow your mind, change your perspective! I promise you, if you travel in this way, life will never be the same. You’ll always crave the depth […]

Many years ago Chesh and I bought our first home – a 1980s beach shack in the iconic surf town of Byron Bay, Australia. The house was in original condition and in major need of a facelift! We have never renovated before and yet we quickly found ourselves managing our full house renovation. From designing, managing […]

Our House Renovation Sarah & Matt stand out the front of their finished house surrounded by cactus & natural furniture

Do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram, wondering how you can be someone who ‘travels for a living?’ Do you want to up your Instagram game to create your dream lifestyle? Or have cool and creative content but not getting it seen by as many eyes as you are hoping for? Here’s my TOP 10 […]

Salty Luxe top instagram tips

One of the number one questions I get from you guys is WHAT’S IN MY CAMERA BAG & the gear I travel with. As a travel & lifestyle photographer who is on & off planes, buses, trains etc, I like to keep it light. These are my absolute tried & tested (#notsponsored) pieces of equipment […]

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