Milos is our favourite Greek Island. It has all of the musts for a dreamy Greek island getaway – beautiful blue waters, authentic culture, delicious local cuisine, cute villages and stunning vistas. But it’s the variety of crazy landscapes that, for me, make Milos a standout destination to visit. It’s small enough to explore easily […]

French Polynesia is the perfect setting for a tropical dream. I’m talking palm trees, crazy blue waters, fresh seafood and coconuts, lush rainforests, abundant marine life, beautiful reefs, and the most amazingly warm people and culture. Need I say more?  French Polynesia is made up of over 100 islands and atolls, scattered across the South […]

Peru is an adventure seekers dream. It’s a country full to the brim of diverse landscapes & experiences, including some of the most iconic bucketlist destinations in the world – Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, Sacred Valley & the once capital of the Incan Empire, Cusco. Explore Cusco At 3,399 m above sea level, Cusco is […]

I have had my eye on this little beauty for the last few years. It’s fairly off the radar; I saw it by chance at the time (maybe somewhere in the abyss of Pinterest?) & I just fell in love with it! It felt so familiar, with all the tropical feels I live for, but […]

When you think about heaven on earth, what do you think of? For me, the Maldives is what comes to mind, with its crystal clear aquarium-like lagoons & palm tree fringed islands. There is no doubt, if you are an ocean, summer, beach lover like me, you are either dreaming of the Maldives OR since visiting, that’s all […]

Oh Mo’orea, how you completely blew us away. What with your mountainous peaks of epic proportions, your marine diversity & your wonderful people doing wonderful things to preserve your magic. This is a place of pure & raw beauty, a place where locals have cook ups on the beach. dads walk their kids to school […]

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