April 6, 2023

Best things to do in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur

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Todos Santos Mexico is the ultimate bohemian surf town on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. We’ve visited a few times now and it’s easy to see why Todos Santos is quickly heading to the top of people’s Mexico bucket list. 

With plenty of outdoor activities from surfing and whale watching to hiking and horseback riding, there are plenty of things to do in Todos Santos that make it a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

Make sure to give yourself enough time to experience the magical energy of this region. And check out our list below of the Top Things to Do in Todos Santos.If you want more information on the surrounding area, check out Best Places to Visit in Baja California Blog.

A woman walking on a sandy road that is surrounded by wild cactus and dry brush - Things to do in Todos Santos
Todos Santos, Mexico

Best things to do in Todos Santos

Wander the streets of Todos Santos town

Todos Santos is a magical town with such a chill artistic vibe. The town itself has stunning historic buildings with beautiful colonial architecture, as well as plenty of art galleries of local artists, boutique shops and market stalls to explore. 

You can easily spend a day wandering the cobblestone streets of this eclectic small town. Do some shopping and take plenty of photos before stopping for ice cream at the famous Nevería Rocco ice cream shop.

A woman walking along a street in Todos Santos with flags flying overhead and shops with souvenirs lining the side of the street what to do in Todos Santos
Exploring the small town of Todos Santos

Explore the cactus landscapes

The Todos Santos region is a cactus-filled desert landscape set against the Sierra de la Laguna mountains. The endless cactus views and desert pastels are part of the charm of this great place and was one of the attractions to visit Todos Santos.

Taking a hike is one great way to enjoy the landscapes and natural beauty. We took one of the most popular trails from the trailheads from the San Cristobal Hotel. This takes you up a small mountain for views overlooking the desert and ocean. The contrast of the deep blue ocean with the dry desert is beautiful. 

Otherwise, the area is great for a road trip and you can stop off at several of the dirt road stops between Todos Santos and Playa Los Cerritos Beach to be surrounded by cactus on white sandy roads. We highly recommend renting a car and doing any exploring of this kind in the early morning when the lighting is soft and temperatures are cooler.

A sandy dirt road lined with wild cactus and scrub either side, near Todos Santos.
Todos Santos road trip adventures

Luxury Hotel Stay at Paradero

There are just a few luxury hotels in Todos Santos and we chose Paradero Hotel as our splurge stay. Set between farmland and cactus fields, Paradero is an eco-friendly luxury retreat aimed at experiencing this region with all of your senses. Most notably, this hotel boasts stunning raw concrete architecture, with simple yet truly aesthetic elements that pull your attention to the natural elements. 

Enjoy a spicy mezcalita by the pool, sign up for yoga or surf trips, and enjoy sunset over the mountains by your private rooftop hammock. This is well worth a stay while in Todos Santos, or even stop by for dinner.

An empty landscape of cactus dry brush with mountains in the distance captured at sunset.
Desert views in Todos Santos

Go on a Taco Tour

Booking a Taco Tour might just be the biggest vibe when visiting Todos Santos. Of course you can skip breakfast and head into town on your own with an empty stomach. However we booked a private tour with Paradero Hotel to make sure we were sampling the best tacos in town. 

We stopped at institutional taco spots for the perfect fish tacos, dined from roadside taco stands, and even finished with a chocolate dessert taco back at the hotel. Speaking with our local guide we gained a new appreciation for different taco recipes and the cultural importance of many Mexican dishes. 

Eat Local Food at the Best Restaurants in Todos Santos

If you’re looking for where to eat in Todos Santos, the downtown area of Todos Santos is an epicentre for street tacos, trendy cafes and fine dining. Also the Margaritas did not disappoint.

Some of our favourite places to eat in Todos Santos were Fish Taco Santo Chilote, Jazamango Cafe, La Esquina, La Taqueria and 5 Tacos & A Beer.

Go Surfing in Todos Santos

There is a strong surfing scene in Todos Santos. You’ll witness this in the laidback vibes of the travellers and expats, and in the souvenir shops in town. This surfing vibe is thanks to an abundance of surf breaks along the coastline in this region. 

There are a few quality surf spots for the more advanced, as well as a few more chill spots like Cerritos Beach. So rent a board and get out there for a day in the ocean. The views back to shore are epic and you might even see humpback whales. Depending on the time of year you can also go whale watching along this coastline!

If you’re new to surfing, check out spots like Mario Surf School to get you started on the basics.

Visit Hotel San Christobal for Sunset

If you are looking for a sunset spot, make sure you book in for late lunch, drinks or dinner at San Cristobal Hotel. One of the most famou Todos Santos hotels, this hotel has amazing style and is a photographer’s dream. 

Set right on the Pacific Ocean this hotel is the best spot for sundowners with spectacular ocean views. Watch the waves roll in and local fishermen in their boats beaching up on the white sand beaches after the day at sea.

A sunset view of two empty chairs and the ocean with a rocky cliff with in the distance
Sunset from the hotel

Where to Stay in Todos Santos, Baja

Stay at Cerritos Beach 

Cerritos Beach is one of the beautiful beaches just out of the main town of Todos Santos. It’s a small enclave of surfers and relaxed holiday makers. Dusty roads, surf lodges and boutique hotels punctuate the otherwise empty hillside that leads to the beach.  There are great options for surfing here and epic sunsets from the beach too. Make sure to visit even if you don’t stay – it’s one of the best beaches in Todos Santos.

We spent a few nights here to soak up the hippie vibe and connect with the ocean and landscape. We stayed at So Far So Good boutique hotel. This was in a great spot and had a great vibe and very cute resident doggos. It’s also located very close to some of the best tacos we had in Mexico – Barracuda Cantina restaurant. The battered shrimp tacos and quesadilla are phenomenal!

Don’t skip this area as some of the best things to do in Todos Santos are easily reached by basing yourself here.

Hopefully this travel guide will help you plan and make the most of your Todos Santos itinerary.

A woman standing next to massive cactus surrounded by dry brush plugging a hat over her face
Desert exploring

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