Palm Trees with Mountain Range in the distance

September 28, 2022

Best Instagram Spots in Palm Springs

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Palm Springs is a photographer’s dream & an incredible location to create epic content. It oozes cool, with a retro vibe, mid-century architecture, palm-lined streets & an incredible mountain backdrop. So grab your camera and let me show you the best Instagram spots in Palms Springs, California.

Pro tip: The beautiful tall mountains behind Palm Springs mean that you’ll have a much earlier sunset. So plan shooting times accordingly to make sure you get the perfect lighting.

Palm Trees with mountain range in the distance

1. Indian Canyons Neighbourhood

Sarah on bicycle in Palm Springs
Stunning white retro house Palm Springs Indian Canyons

The Indian Canyons neighbourhood is HOUSE GOALS!

We spent hours walking and bike riding around this neighbourhood. There’s no wrong turn you can make, as every street and cul-de-sac has different interpretations of mid-century architecture and desert landscaping. This area makes for perfect retro photo scenery, especially in the morning and around sunset when the lighting is soft. At these times the palm tree and mountain backdrop won’t be backlit and the full scene can be captured beautifully.

Tip: make sure to respect the privacy of the locals while cruising around this quiet (and expensive) neighbourhood.

2. The Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel pool

The Ace is one of the most popular hotels that embodies the vibe of Palm Springs. Mostly known for the pool and swim club, the hotel has created a canyon oasis feel thanks to the low rise building and palm trees that surround the pool area. We visited for a few hours and enjoyed the views.

3. The Saguaro Hotel

Saguaro Hotel Palm Springs

The Saguaro is another hotel worth popping by to admire the poolside lounging vibes and mountain backdrops. The bright pastel colours of the hotel pop against the earthy palette of the surrounding vistas.

Tip: if you want to jump in the pool by yourself then make sure you are there early!

4. Palm Springs City Hall

Palm Springs City Hall

I loved the retro styling of this building. The City Hall is still a public place and very much in use. But if you time it right, you could be snapping some cool shots without anyone around.

5. Long Roads & Mountain Backdrops

Sarah sitting on a Jeep in Palm Springs with mountains beyond

I was clearly pretty obsessed with the palm tree clusters set against the mountains. Besides taking low angle shots, the best way to include a subject into this scene was finding long, straight streets that directed towards the mountains. We found a few relatively quiet streets between E Sunny Dunes Road and E San Lorenzo Road to take some of these shots.

6. Palm Canyon

Palm Canyon

We actually ran out of time to visit this ourselves, but Palm Canyon and the surrounding trails looks like a great spot to grab some more incredible shots. The palms here have not been trimmed and pruned like the ones you see in town, and the shaggy trees make for a dense palm jungle along the canyon floor.

7. Salvation Mountain

Sarah sitting at Salvation Mountain mural

If you are staying in Palm Springs, I recommend taking the 1.5 hour drive down to Salvation Mountain. This enormous hillside mural and message for LOVE is such a unique and fun spot to shoot. Note that walking around the top of the mountain is no longer allowed.

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